TOP 9 AIRSOFT ASSAULT RIFLESIf you are considering having an airsoft gun, here’s a listing of the top 10 models and their attributes.

9. ASG M14 Wood impact AEG

This electric rifle includes both semi and fully automatic firing modes together with the wooden appearance and weighty feel of this rifle remaining true to the original 1959 M14 it had been based on.

It benefits from an adjustable hop-up and rear sight to boost range and accuracy. The stand out feature of the rifle is the butt plate which allows users to stabilise the gun from their shoulder.

8. Cyma M14 Black full-length AEG

This rifle has a well-above-average velocity of 375 FPS with a long barrel enhancing the accuracy and range of the shot.

Additionally, it comes with an adjustable hop-up, a rear iron sight which may be adjusted horizontally and vertically along with a rubber inventory pad which prevents the gun from slipping because you hold it while the butt plate stabilises the rifle against your shoulder.

7. Jing Gong AK74U Metal Body

Among the strangest looking firearms on the record is a compact version of the classic AK74 rifles making it easier to hold and continue while still producing a potent shot.

The electronic blowback system provides you a real jolt as fire your shots at a rapid rate of 400-450 FPS.

6. Ares Amoeba AM-009 extended Rail

The Digital Firing Control System used in the gearbox enables for semi-auto, a three round burst or fully automatic shooting while the digital trigger provides a faster trigger response.

It’s a front and rear in-wall iron sight and a flexible hop-up to improve array, targeting and precision together with a high torque flat engine.

5. JG G36 long JG1038 AEG

This replica is based on a really modern-day rifle currently used in the German military and it’s the durability to match.

The folding stock can change the weapon’s length to fit your situation if you need it to get close-range or long-range combat.

The handguard rail allows for attachments to be mounted while the rifle itself is compatible with a number of external and internal upgrade components.

4. G&G Combat Machine CM16 MOD0 AEG

This rifle looks and feels like the actual deal with a length of 86cm which makes it one of the larger, more imposing rifles and a flexible hop-up makes it unsafe over a long-range.

There are just two 20mm rails, at the peak of the receiver along with the cap of the handguard, for accessories to be added onto it. The modular handguard allows for much more attachments like Grips and Launchers.

The 6 standing Stock, along with the Hand Guard, is replaceable and the rubberised rotating butt plate design is unique to the rifle.

3. Valken TANGO ASL Series M4 Airsoft Rifle AEG

This rifle could possibly be towards the lower end of the purchase price range but that does not mean that you do not get a great deal for your money.

This is a high-tech weapon acceptable for short and long-range firing with front and rear iron sights while there are six positions that the Crane Stock may be adjusted to make the gun the length that suits you to attain the range you would like.

The Nylon Fibre Receiver lets you add quite a few accessories like the ambidextrous magazine release and fire selector features enable it to be worked by abandoned and right-handed men and women.

2. ASG CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 carbine – M95 vers

The selling point of the rifle is your attention to detail that goes into the design to make it look like and have the durability of the actual thing while being relatively lightweight.

While it has some useful features found in other rifles like an adjustable hop-up, 4 position adjustment and attributes that make it ambidextrous, it has some distinctive factors that puts it apart from the others.

It’s four shooting modes; secure, semi-auto, 3 round burst and full-auto while it also includes a feature which prevents it from shooting once the magazine runs outside.

This rifle is right at the top end of the market in terms of quality and price.

1. Wingun co2 m44 Mosin Nagant with bayonet

This rifle is an specific replica of the 1944orginal along with the detail is clear to see the imitated wood color and texture layout adding to the realistic look of the iconic rifle.

It is a rifle that’s helpful for both short-range and long-range skirmishes having an adjustable rear sight to guarantee high-precision precision.

This rifle is versatile, being great for close combat and long-range strikes with an adjustable rear sight to guarantee high-precision precision while the sling mounting points make it simple to use for abandoned and right-handers.

The most unique part of everything is the folding alloy bayonet which is fixed on the rifle to be used when your opponent is within touching distance.

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