spiritualism is the belief that spiritual beings exist outside our ordinary, material reality and may interact with us. Many psychics claim to have a direct contact with such beings.

Spiritualism, as it pertains to spirituality, is a rather loosely defined movement based on the idea that deceased souls can intermingle with the living on earth in an effort to work on the world’s problems. Some psychics, while under a trance-like state, worked as catalysts for psychically-related paranormal events (e.g. the “mending” of broken televisions), and others claimed to possess a “special link” to the spiritual world. Other Spiritualists believe that the spiritual world has a different view of the universe, so that there are different laws of cause and effect and different levels of consciousness.

Many skeptics question the validity of spiritualism because there is no evidence that spirits of the dead can communicate with living people on a certain degree, or at least not in their present form. It is believed, however, that spirits are aware of the world we live in, but cannot communicate with us directly. Some psychics have claimed to have had “direct communication” with dead loved ones, while others claim to have seen the spirit of the departed, but they say the contact was only in the form of “love”guidance.”

Spiritualism is a growing phenomenon in the United States. A growing number of Americans have been “cured” through “spiritualist” techniques, such as using “entheogens.” Many “psychics” promote the idea that these “mind-altering” substances will make a person more “in tune” with the “Universal Mind,” or “higher consciousness.”

Spiritualism is not a religion in the traditional sense of the word. Spiritualists do not believe in God and many are atheists or agnostics. Some even say that religion is nothing more than a social construct used by mankind to justify the exploitation of the weak and to keep the masses ignorant.

Many Spiritualists believe in reincarnation. Some say that every human being will have a future existence on earth, even though no one person actually knows their exact age. Some also believe that the entire universe is connected to all other realities through a higher level.

Spiritualists believe that the universe is made of energy, like the physical universe, but with different levels of frequency. This is true for all life. Spiritualists also say that every life has an essence, that is “unseen,” that is, it exists beyond the level of the physical.

Spiritualists often claim that there is another way to access the “Universal Mind” than through a psychic reading or other forms of “psychic” communication. Some of them also believe that spiritual healing can help cure illnesses and help individuals cope with traumatic events.

Spiritualism is often said to be a form of “psychic projection,” in which an individual uses his or her mind to communicate with the spirits of the deceased. In this case, the deceased’s energy is used by the psychic to heal the soul of the individual who communicates with them.

Psychics and spiritualists disagree on many issues, especially regarding whether or not spirits communicate through “mind power,” and whether or not psychics can truly “read” the souls of the dead. Some psychics say that spiritual mediums can read the souls, but not the spirits themselves. while others say that it is impossible to know what the spirits of the dead are thinking or saying, or doing.

Some Spiritualist beliefs are based on a book called The Science of Getting Into the Mind, which is currently selling in the U.K. and has helped thousands of seekers learn how to communicate with their deceased loved ones.

Many spiritualists are beginning to accept that they are more alike than they are different. The similarities between the two belief systems are enough to draw a line between the two and allow them to work together in harmony for a better future.

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