Supply chain security refers to measures to improve the safety of the logistics or distribution network for global cargo. It combines the traditional methods of supply chain management with the modern security needs driven by external threats like terrorism, theft, and piracy. In recent years, security has become more important and more cost-effective. The concept of supply chain management is not new; it is just a modern application that have taken on new urgency with the proliferation of piracy in the high seas, the growth of terrorist organizations, and the growth of the international arms industry.

supply chain security

When it comes to¬†supply chain security, there are two main areas in which the concept can be applied. One is that of internal security. This includes measures to safeguard the company’s intellectual property and to protect its proprietary information from unauthorized access. This is the area where most companies have begun to take the lead when it comes to creating policies and procedures to safeguard against internal security threats and the risk of external theft of company intellectual property.

The second area in which supply chain security encompasses is that of external security. This covers the protection of the goods being transported to their destination. This area also has its own set of policies and procedures to protect against the theft of goods.

Both internal and external security should be coordinated through a common set of strategies and procedures that are integrated into the overall operational process. The management of strategic goals and the implementation of measures to achieve them will require a comprehensive strategy that will encompass both internal and external security. In addition, a comprehensive plan will require a detailed analysis of each area, including both current status and future threats and potential threats.

Supply chain security is therefore not just about increasing the security levels of the company’s goods; it is about ensuring the safety of the company as a whole. That is why it is necessary for all businesses to develop a comprehensive security plan and implement it in all areas of business operations, including in every aspect of the distribution, processing, inventory, and delivery. The security plan will cover all aspects of the company’s supply chain – from the transportation and distribution of raw materials and finished goods to the shipping containers used to transport the goods.

In order to create the best supply chain security plan, it is also necessary to implement continuous improvement and to keep pace with the changes in the industry and with new security threats. It is also necessary to conduct audits and inspections on a regular basis to evaluate the company’s security program. A complete monitoring of your company’s security practices will ensure the highest possible level of security.

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